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Tips for Tween Skincare

Using doTERRA HD Clear Skincare Products

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If you are the parent to a Tweenager, then you probably know the struggle that your child is going through with puberty hitting, and soo many body changes taking place. Your child is probably having a difficult time with their emotions, and they are trying to understand exactly what is going on with their bodies too. And especially their skin. With all the hormones flying, they are moody, emotional, and probably having breakouts and blemishes within the skin.

While we as parents, can't do anything about the changes they are going through, and we can't keep our children from growing up, maturing or from hitting puberty, we can support them in our best ways. We can talk with them about the changes they are going through, and we can explain many of these changes, but most importantly, we can teach them how to care for themselves during the struggle of puberty, especially with pimples, acne, and any other facial blemish. Check out my tips for a great skincare routine for our Tweens!

  Skincare Routine Tips for Tweens
  • Encourage your tween to wash their face every morning and night, and especially after they get home from a sports activity or school
  • Keep a non-toxic, chemical free, facial cleanser in the shower or at the bathroom sink so that it is easy for your tween to access it while doing their morning and evening bath routine
  • My favorite non-toxic, chemical free facial line for tweens is the doTERRA HD Clear Facial System that includes an advanced line of natural facial products, that combines CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and plant extracts to help support smooth, clear skin

Signs of problem skin often begins in the early teens, and it can affect individuals of all ages, both physically and emotionally. Many tweens experience skin issues for years, trying numerous products, harsh chemicals, and abrasive treatments to obtain clear skin. doTERRA has created a better way to address problem skin issues at their core—naturally and effectively. HD Clear is an advanced line of natural products that combine the power of CPTG® essential oils and plant extracts to produce a more clear, smooth skin.

HD Clear is a three-step system that works synergistically, with each product building on the next to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, and deliver optimal hydration for a balanced moisture level. Made with pure plant extracts, the ingredients in HD Clear are gentle and calming to the skin, but powerfully effective. Using HD Clear every day will help reduce the appearance of blemishes; promote a clear, healthy complexion; and soothe the skin. HD Clear provides a natural solution for problem skin of all ages, and it is an exceptional line of facial care for your tweenager, including a Foaming Face Wash, a Facial Moisturizing Lotion along with a Soothing Rollerball Blend to apply directly to a blemish.

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Steps for Facial Care
  • Wet the face with warm, not hot, water
  • Use a dime size amount of the HD Clear Foaming Face Wash, and apply gently, and especially ensure that gentle pressure is used on delicate skin
  • Apply cleanser with fingertips using a circular motion
  • Once face is clean, remove cleanser with warm water and pat the skin dry with a clean, dry towel
  • After cleansing the skin, apply the HD Clear soothing Topical Blend Toner, to help reduce the appearance of oily skin, and to help restore the pH balance of the skin, which the cleanser and water may throw off. Without a toner, moisturizer will not absorb fully
  • Apply a pea size amount of the HD Clear moisturizing Facial Lotion. The Facial Lotion is a light, non-greasy moisturizer that absorbs quickly and helps to nurture blemish-free skin around the clock. The moisturizer provides optimal hydration and promotes a clear complexion
  • Don't overuse your skincare products. Encourage your tweenager to start with a small amount and then add a tiny bit more if necessary

For extra nutrition for the skin, your tween can apply The doTERRA SPA Detoxifying Mud Mask once per week, following the doTERRA instructions for use. The Mud mask is a natural clay mask infused with CPTG® essential oils of Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit that promotes purifying benefits while reducing the appearance of pores and blemishes. Indulge your skin in revered gifts from the Earth—CPTG essential oils, natural earth clays, purifying minerals, and nourishing botanicals. The mask delivers a luxurious and aromatic spa treatment that pampers the skin and enlivens the senses, of even a tweenager. Apply a thin, even layer of the mask to the face and neck. Leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Apply the HD Clear Facial Lotion following.

Mud Mask Primary Benefits
  • Infused with Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit essential oils—known for their cleansing and smoothing benefits
  • Shea butter provides moisturization and balances the skin
  • Malachite extract is rich in copper and provides detoxifying benefits
  • Lentil seed extract helps reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes
  • The natural earth clay beraclay (green) contains zinc, selenium, copper, and other elements to help purify the skin and to help reduce the appearance of oily skin

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