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The dreaded "L" word

Yes, LICE.....

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Can we just talk about the dreaded L Word? The word you never want your child to come home and tell you is in their classroom! The L Word! The word you never want the school nurse to call and tell you is in your child's hair! The L word! That's right, LICE!

I found the dreaded L Word in all 3 of my children's hair, last year! I only found 1 in my 3 year olds hair, maybe 10 in my 7 year olds hair, but oh my poor oldest son who is 10, had at least 50 in his hair! I immediately panicked and was also completely disgusted at the same time! I called the school nurse, only to be told that I must buy a very expensive over-the-counter lice killer because nothing else would do the trick. I then called the doctor's office and was informed because there are so many "super lice" that are immune to all the lice treatments, I would ABSOLUTELY NEED this very expensive prescription lice killer, as nothing else would work, and I was also told by multiple people that it would take me weeks to rid everyone of lice!

So here I go, out to the pharmacy, thinking I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to buy these lice killers. I went straight to the pharmacist and asked about all the ingredients in said prescription lice killers. And WOW.... Insert gasping here!!! Have you seen the chemicals in these so called lice killing shampoos? Have you seen the chemicals in the over-the-counter lice treatments? All kinds of pesticides and insecticides and fungicides and herbicides. And they want me to lather my children's head up in this stuff? No thank you! They can keep their carcinogenic, hormone disrupting and possibly lethal chemicals, all to themselves!

I immediately went home and did my own research!! I found multiple research studies done by doTERRA on different essential oils that repel AND kill lice!! So here I go, on a mission to kill lice!

I coated all 3 of my children's heads, and my own head too, in olive oil with a mixture of my beloved doTerra essential oils Melaleuca, Rosemary, Lavender, Clove and Eucalyptus. I covered our heads with shower caps and left them on for one hour. When I removed the shower caps, there were no lice in mine or my youngest daughters cap, only a few in my middle sons cap, but again my poor oldest son was infested! However, at this point, all the lice inside of the shower caps were dead! Halelujah!! I killed the lice. No, let me rephrase. doTERRA essential oils killed the lice.

I used the lice comb and spent 4 hours combing everyone's hair. I combed out eggs, nits, and dead lice! I then did the treatment again, and everyone slept in their shower caps and we got up at the crack of dawn the next morning to nitpick our hair again and there were no lice to be found at all. I took them to the school nurse and had her check all of our hair and there were no living lice in our hair! Not one single lice or nit!!! The nurse was so impressed that I went so full on combat with these parasites, and I won!! Now there were still eggs in my children's hair, so I of course had to continue to nit pick for 14 days, but I was thrilled that I had successfully killed all the adult and juvenile lice.

So to re-cap, I naturally and chemically-free killed a major lice infestation within 24 hours! Those buggers will never be immune to essential oils!! I also made a spray bottle with all of those essential oils and water, and sprayed everything in my home as well as washed all of our linens and towels and things like that. I then continued to treat our heads for the next few days to ensure that not one single nit was left in anyone's hair, and I nit picked like a mad woman, but I felt amazing at the fact that once again I took care of business with my doTerra essential oils!

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