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Happy October Friends! I hope this finds you all doing well. Some of us are enjoying our weather cooling off a little, but sadly, a lot of people here in NC are still trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Florence. I have been racking my brain on how I can help more here in Wilmington, NC, and I decided to team up with my great friend Stephanie Webb here in Wilmington, as she is making natural cleaning products, using doTERRA essential oils that have antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, and distributing the products to as many people in need, that she can get to.

So for the month of October, I decided I want to help more in this town too, and I want to donate essential oils to Stephanie, for her to use to make the products that she is donating.

I am going to ride the tailwinds of the incredible promotions from doTERRA this month, and for every person on my team that purchases the Dream Tour Kit that is on special, or for every new member that signs up for a Wholesale Account and purchases the Dream Tour Kit, I will donate a bottle of Lemongrass essential oil, towards the mold reducing cleaners that Stephanie makes and donates. So every time each of you purchase a Dream Tour Kit this month, you will be helping in the Hurricane Disaster Relief too. This is helping parents, children and animals to have a safe and mold free home to live in. And isn't that what we all want for our friends and families? To live in safe and non-toxic homes?

While we are thinking of families as a whole, we must also consider how many children are feeling out of their element and routine, because of displacement from their homes and schools. And speaking of the children, I wonder how many of you have seen the NEW doTERRA Kids Kit that was announced for October!! This kids kit is amazing, and totally safe for children to use on their own, AND IT IS INCLUDED IN THE DREAM TOUR KIT! How great that we can empower our children to take care of themselves, and to be in tune with their bodies too! What a great way to keep our children feeling safe and secure.

The kids kit is available this month in our AMAZING new doTERRA Dream Tour Kit, and because doTERRA loves to reward their customers who are loyal, they are giving away several free oils and a car diffuser to anyone who purchases their Dream Kit this month!

The Dream Kit not only includes the Kids Kit of Touch rollers, with the collection of six unique 10mL rollers (Thinker, Calmer, Stronger, Rescuer, Steady, and Brave), but it also comes with the following new products:

  • Green Mandarin essential oil (15ml)
  • Magnolia Touch essential oil  (10mL)
  • Pink Pepper essential oil (5mL)
  • Turmeric essential oil  (15mL)
  • Yarrow | Pom Nutritive Duo (15 mL)
  • doTERRA On Guard Mouth Wash
  • Copaiba Softgels
  • doTERRA Natural Deodorant (made with Balance essential oil blend!)
  • doTERRA SPA Hydrating Body Mist

This kit is just unbelievable! And for October only, if you purchase the kit, you will also receive a FREE Red Mandarin, Clementine, and Kumquat essential oil, AND a FREE car diffuser! This is such a great way for you to get your Dream Tour Kit, and some free products too, and for you to help support the Disaster Relief in Wilmington. Win, Win!

And if you are purchasing your Kit on your LRP account, and you purchase by the 15th, then you will also get a FREE Lemon oil, and the ability to purchase TerraZyme at 10% off!

So let's recap all of this beauty: You purchase your Dream Tour Kit during October, and you will receive the following FREE oils: Red Mandarin, Clementine, Kumquat, and the FREE car diffuser too, and I WILL BE DONATING A LEMONGRASS IN YOUR HONOR, TO HELP HURRICANE VICTIMS IN WILMINGTON, TO CLEAN MOLD OUT OF THEIR HOMES!! That's a whole lot of good stuff going on this month!

I would also like to personally thank each of you for your continuous support for myself and my entire doTERRA team. When you do business with us, it truly makes a difference in our own families too. We are able to continue working and making an income during our own times of need here in Wilmington, and this is one of the best ways you guys can help to support us, support yourselves and your family, and be able to help the less fortunate here in Wilmington too. So THANK YOU!! We appreciate you soo much!

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